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Life Insurance

Personal protection comes in many forms, life insurance, critical illness cover, and more.

Comparison sites and gifts can be tempting, but this is the most important and complex insurance you’ll ever buy. It’s important to get regulated advice from a qualified professional. Have a look at our simple step-by-step guide to the process below.

Existing cover

Before you start it’s good to know what cover you already have, it sounds obvious but most employers offer some kind of sick pay in addition to statutory and often a death in service benefit. Contact HR to find out what level of cover you have and if you have existing policies elsewhere, find the paperwork to discover exactly what you have.

Get in touch

Approaching a financial advisor can seem intimidating however it’s our job to make the process understandable and straightforward. When you get in touch, we’ll chat about what you’re looking for and schedule you for an appointment, which can be telephone, Zoom, or in person.

Fact find meeting

We will have 2 meetings to get your cover sorted and this is the first. This one is getting to know you and we do this so we have something to base our advice on. The meetings last between 45-90 minutes and rather than a list of questions, it’s a conversation.


After our initial meeting, the advisor will go away and find the right policy at the best price for you. This takes your needs and circumstances into account against the providers’ terms and conditions.


At this stage, your advisor will have written the advice letter and put all the other documentation together for you. You’ll be sent this before a meeting to discuss the advice, this meeting will take as long as you need it to so you’re comfortable with the policy.


Once you’re happy to proceed we will submit your application, this can during the advice meeting if appropriate. The application contains medical questions which you can either talk through with the advisor or answer yourself online. The majority of applications are accepted on submission but some may need to go to the provider’s underwriting team for a decision.

Policy in place and trusts

Now your policy is live you’ll receive a little more paperwork from the provider. It is important to ensure that the money goes where it’s supposed to if you need to claim on the policy. This can be achieved with a trust, these can be straightforward and free to complete or you can get legal advice if it’s a little more complex.

Peace of mind

Life insurance is one of those things people always mean to get round to but never do well you did and now you can relax knowing you have protected yourself and your family should the worse happen.

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